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Felis Catus here! We talk about Catholicism, discuss topics in “dialogue format,” and more.

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  • Satan Doesn’t Want You to Know He’s Real

    Satan Doesn’t Want You to Know He’s Real

    If you know that Satan is real, that’s your first step to overcoming his lies. You are in the midst of a spiritual war. Will you recognize that there is an enemy or ignore that the demons are fighting for your soul?

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  • Short: The Cats Discover They Are Cartoons! (almost)

    Short: The Cats Discover They Are Cartoons! (almost)

    Cat has gone crazy. He thinks that everything around him is an animation! Will Harry be able to knock some sense into him before it’s too late?

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  • A Catholic Cat Now Produces Animated Videos!

    A Catholic Cat Now Produces Animated Videos!

    Ladies and gentlemen, toms and mollies, we are now producing fully animated content on our YouTube, TikTok, and Vimeo handles! We will be producing entertaining shorts, informative videos, and discussions between my friends and me. Check out the following video to see what our videos will be like. If you have any questions about Catholicism […]

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  • Why Do Catholics Pray the Rosary?

    Why Do Catholics Pray the Rosary?

    Today, Harry, Callie, and I met a new cat named Raven at the airport. As a convert to Catholicism, she asked why Catholics prayed the rosary. Here’s why—in the form of a discussion between her, my friends, and me!

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  • In His Image

    In His Image

    Why did God make humans in His likeness and image? There is more to this than you think, and it makes your relationship with God different than what any other creature could ever experience.

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  • What Actually Is the Christian Heaven?

    What Actually Is the Christian Heaven?

    Is the Christian Heaven a place in the sky filled with flying babies? Is it a happy place because of friends, family, and feasts, as some Christians claim? No. It is far more than that.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to explore Catholicism through the means of animation, articles, and digital content. But here’s the twist. I’m a cat!

The above video is a good introduction to what A Catholic Cat is. It’s fully animated. If you watch it until the end, I will give you catnip. Oh, I forgot… humans don’t like catnip…

Meet the Cats

G’day! I am Cat Lanfear, the founder of A Catholic Cat. I am not a loaf of bread, no matter what the internet says.

It’s me—Harry Webb! But don’t be fooled by my silly picture. While I am the website jokester, I can be serious, too.

Ello, it’s Raven Grey. I am a Jehovah’s Witnesses convert to Catholicism and one of the newer cats.

Guess my name. It’s Callie Sallow! On the other paw, my name is a hard one to guess…

I’m considered by the cats as an uber-researcher extraordinaire. Who am I? I’m Theo Floyd.

I’m Michael’s little sister, Macie. When he’s not looking I sit on his head. Sometimes Cat lets me do stuff on this site!

Ever had one of those days where you feel adventurous? That’s how I am 24/7. Call me Michael Cox.

And you’ve reached the last cat at last. My name is Henry Hughes. I am a Catholic apologist and former skeptic.